How to?

Gone are the old super sticky permanent wallpapers of the past. Personalize your living space with a WrapMyWall PVC free wallpaper.

All you need is a painted wall and some water and you’re off.
Installation is simple, wet the backing of the first panel, spread the water around and notice how the backing becomes slippery like glue. Position the panel against the wall and slide it into place. Now all you need is a damp sponge to smooth out the glue, pushing out any large bubbles to the sides. Use the included squeegee to press the wallpaper down against the skirting board, and take your stencil knife and trim away the excess. SIMPLE!

You then continue lining up the panels, overlapping them to ensure the print matches up and repeat the steps. The glue will dry within a matter of hours and you can enjoy your rooms new look.

Removal is just as easy, simply re-wet the wallpaper, starting at the top, peel back a corner and add water. gradually the glue will soften again and you’ll be able to peel the paper right off without damaging the wall.wipe off any glue residue with a damp sponge/cloth and you’re done.

Purchasing a custom wallpaper is simple, jump onto, select one of the images from our image library, enter your walls dimensions, scale the image to suit your wall and you’re done, pay via our secure site and we’ll print and post out your wallpaper and installation kit ready for you to customize your space.”

Check out this quick video on how to install your wallpaper.