Wallpapers at work

Wallpapers aren’t only for the home owner. If you work for or run a business, a custom printed wallpaper or wall mural may be just the thing you need to subliminally sell your products and services to prospective or even existing customers.

A custom wallpaper strategically placed within your show room or waiting area has two benefits. Not only does it allow you to improve the look and feel of a room that may lack that extra something, but it also allows you to un-intrusively inform waiting clientele of things such as services you offer, products you’re selling, or various other useful marketing material.

It’s a very effective way of utilizing blank wall space to it’s fullest extent. Best of all, if your products or services change, you can simply remove the old wallpaper and replace with an updated one cheaply and easily.

Statistically, a high percentage of people when left to their own devices in a waiting room will, the majority of the time search for something to read that may be of interest. If you limit the available material within your room to be that of the products and services you offer, you increase your potential to sell a product substantially as the client has already become aware of what you offer without having had you as the sales person introduce them to the product/service. This is where having a large eye catching wall mural is highly effective. Taking up a large place on a wall makes it instantly noticeable and is more likely to grab the attention of your client than simple brochures alone.

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